Reveal Line Of Ethical Services At Diamond Traces

Are you going to buy diamond jewellery? Whether you are new buyer or otherwise, buying diamonds and diamond jewellery is exciting experience. Diamonds, the most precious gems where you want security and assurance of genuine diamonds to get the best for your money. At Diamonds Traces, you can make your shopping the most enjoyable with its safe and ensured environment and services.Here are some services at Diamond Traces that give you relief while shopping diamond jewellery here –

Secure shopping – Do not worry that you are buying online. We ensure encrypted and safe environment for shopping online. All your information is confidential as online security is our top priority.
Warranty on Jewellery – We provide all products with high quality standards. Finest materials and advanced methods of craftsmanship here are backed with sufficient warranty.
Custom jewellery and special orders – At Diamond Traces, you are free to design jewellery at your own. We provide custom jewellery with latest design software to realize your ideas and imaginations.
Wholesale prices – Besides highest quality products, ensure lowest prices here. No salesman fees, no retail stores overheads and no mediators to snatch your benefits.
Expert guidance and advice – Take advantage of deep knowledge of our experts and consultants to make your purchase right. They are always ready to guide you with courtesy
Along with these services, Diamond Traces provides third party gemological certificate and certificate of authenticity to assure genuine diamonds. The most exciting service you avail is the ‘design your own jewellery’ and custom jewellery services. Latest design software made it possible to realize ideas of clients and to create unique piece of jewellery. It is a pride that you are designer of your jewellery and can steal the focus at special occasion and function. Just four simple steps and the final product is ready to enhance your beauty.

The process involves rough sketches, photos or images of jewellery like earrings, engagement ring or any other jewellery. Our experts study your sketches and prepare drawing for your confirmation. You can give suggestions or some changes to this drawing. After your confirmation, we prepare wax mold with advanced prototyping machines. These molds give perfect idea about the final product and its look. The last stage is of making final product according to wax mold. You can choose precious metals and diamonds for the final product and find ready jewellery to your satisfaction.